Knock 3 times on the side-door: Urban Forage Winery - Minnesota Uncorked™

Knock 3 times on the side-door: Urban Forage Winery

Urban Forage has had their doors open for just about a year now. We had the pleasure of visiting with them earlier this summer (Taking Local to New Levels at Urban Forage).  Jeff Zeitler, owner and winemaker followed up with some of the exiting things they have in store.

MN-UN: How would you describe how you got your start in the business?

JZ: I’ve been a winemaker since before I could legally buy wine. So I’ve been a home winemaker for 25 years now, but I guess you could say only a “professional” winemaker for 1!

MN-UN: Of the ciders you produce, which is your favorite & why?

Image credit, Urban Forage.

JZ: Dry cider – truly, the essence of northern apples: crisp, and uncomplicated. It also pairs wonderfully with food, particularly turkey.

MN-UN: Tell us about a unique cider or related product you have at Urban Forage?

JZ: I’m coming out with a gin botanical infused cider. I thought it might be too ‘out there’ for the Minnesota wine/cider palate, but when I’ve tested it out on winery visitors people LOVE it!

MN-UN: What is something about your business, that you wish more people knew?

MN-UN: What’s the best “bang for your buck” wine or cider (not made by you)?

JZ:  Farnum Hill cider. I hope someday to make cider as good as theirs.

MN-UN: What is your favorite  gift/gadget to give, or receive?

JZ:  A waiter corkscrew! So handy- can trim a foil cap, pop a cork or take off a bottle cap. Small, compact, and cool-looking. We have some stainless steel ones left over from our Kickstarter campaign and I love them!

MN-UN: We recommend stopping over at Urban Forage for…
Their Speakeasy Night on December 10 from 7pm-midnightKnock three times on the side door (seriously, that’s all we can tell you!).

Image credit, Urban Forage.

December 30, Taproom Takeover. Construction on their NEW taproom starts in of January, 2017 so this is a chance to swing by tip back some ciders, see the plans, and have one last chance to “look at the fluorescent lights and acoustic tile ceiling before they are mercilessly torn out and flung into a construction dumpster.  Or recycled”.


Visit Urban Forage Winery and Cider House at 3016 East Lake Street in Minneapolis, Minnesota or online at


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