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Things to Never, Ever Do.

Considering how to put together a proper summative post for the year whilst sipping some bourbon — because let’s be honest, Hemingway and Faulkner never demonstrated that great literary works flowed from wine — it came to me: there’s enough circulating on the internet reflecting on 2016, and advice on how to spend 2017.

Forget all the advice on stuff you “should” do in 2017. Instead, a recap with 7 things to never, ever do. Already learned the hard way for you — you’re welcome!


Don’t forget the wine in the freezer.
Hey, don’t judge me — everyone has probably done this in a pinch once or twice, too to quick-chill the bottle. Forget your wine in the freezer and it will… freeze. And then you’ll be defrosting the entire thing to sop up a wine puddle.


To decant, or not to? Q&A with local wine experts...’t decant cheap wine.
Earlier this year, we shared some do’s and don’ts in decanting. Above all, decanting a cheap wine isn’t going to do it any favors!


Don’t put Champagne in a mimosa.
Wait isn’t a mimosa made up of Champagne and orange juice?  Well, sort of — if you’re purchasing  
Champagne, the actual stuff from France, savor it solo.  Mix your cocktails with sparkling wine, cava, prosecco…


Don’t fret over gift-giving wine.
Stressing over what to bring as a hostess gift to the New Year’s soiree you’ve been invited to? Overall, if you like it — surely, someone else will too, and its just that simple.  If you want more specifics, we’ve got some more tips on wine gift-giving right here.


Don’t limit yourself.
Good advice for life, but we’re talking wine.  In our interview with local sommelier Peter Plaehn, he shares how students have to drive themselves “to explore the wines of Greece, South Africa, Chile and more.”  Even if you’re not studying to become a sommelier, have a willingness for discovery rather than sticking to familiar wines — and you may be delighted what you find.


Map of Minnesota WineriesDon’t stress over your vacations.
Above all else, I hope this year that Minnesota Uncorked has inspired you to explore the wine country in your own backyard: guest writer Jenn Singer shared with us how she redefined what a vacation is , and we shared some suggestions on how to be a hometown tourist.  I learned this year well, that sometimes a day trip, or 24 hours, is all I need to recharge my batteries and much less stressful than organizing a week away.


And lastly… don’t eat the bar nuts.  Do you have any idea how many other filthy fingers have been digging in those snacks?
Cheers to the New Year!

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Lauren launched Minnesota Uncorked™ to encourage exploration of wine. When she's not masquerading as a wine writer on the internet, Lauren earns her keep as a marketing specialist in the wine industry. Lauren can be reached at She is certified in wine through WSET (Level III, Distinction), a Certified Wine Professional (CWP) through Saint Paul College, and a Spanish Wine Scholar (SWS) through Vine Lab Wine & Spirts Academy.
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