Tasting Notes: Rhubarb wine, really?! [Forestedge Winery]  - Minnesota Uncorked™

Tasting Notes: Rhubarb wine, really?! [Forestedge Winery] 

“Rhubarb wine, really?!”

That was me, literally just 10 minutes ago.

Well, you can call me a believer now. A Rhubarb wine that is, actually pretty dry — and, tasty too!

Its musky nose and tart, vegetal flavor are an apt complement to this Poké bowl (Poke house & tea bar); cucumbers and seaweed salad, while cutting through the richness and umami of the salmon, spicy mayo and poké sauce.

Dang, that’s a good wine pairing if I do say so myself.

Hailing from the Bemidji area, Forestedge Winery (La Porte, MN) focuses on wines made from locally grown fruits, berries, and vegetables that survive Northern Minnesota’s long winters.

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