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A few of our favorite things.

The BEST vacuum system(s).

Vacu Vin, the best vacuum wine slealer http://amzn.to/2gFnPLn
Vacu Vin, $21.95 on Amazon

Sometimes I want to open that bottle… but I only want a glass of wine, and I might not get back to the rest for awhile.  Solution?  Tami of Carlos Creek Winery recommends the Vacu Vin Wine Stopper System, $21.95 as “the BEST way to reseal your wine bottles!”

If you’re looking to spend a bit more than $20 (or, a LOT more) Scott from 65 Vines Winery recommends the CORAVIN™Model Eight Wine System, $239 — a big investment, but check out how it works:


The best vacuum wine sealer, Coravin Model Eight
Coravin Model Eight, $239 on Amazon

“Enjoy your favorite vintage without removing the cork – or disrupting the natural aging process. The precision-engineered Coravin Model Eight Wine System uses a needle, clamp and argon gas to effortlessly pierce the cork and pressurize the bottle.”

Magic.  A brilliant solution for those spendy bottles (you maybe don’t want to share) — perhaps, a bit overkill for my budget wine finds, though!


The key to wine.

best wine key or waiter corkscrew
This gift-ready corkscrew is sturdy and reliable, 12.95 on Amazon

Jeff from Urban Forage recommends waiter corkscrews, also referred to as “wine keys”, because they do everything — “you can trim a foil cap, pop a cork or take off a bottle cap.”  

With dizzying numbers of corkscrews to choose from, costing anywhere between a couple bucks and several hundred- what’s the best option?  

Having had a number of good (and bad) corkscrew experiences, this $12.95 Waiter Corkscrew does the trick – along with a beautiful rosewood handle and nice gift packaging, you’re pretty much set for gift-giving.

It also doesn’t hurt that waiter corkscrews are also “compact and cool-looking” as Jeff notes — it’s always a bonus to look like a pro when you open your wine, right? That’s only helpful if you actually LOOK pro using it, so we’ve included a handy video below from our friends at Wine Folly. And, our best recommendation is to practice, practice, practice. Guess that means you’ll be popping a few bottles this weekend!


Pro Tip: If the tip of the worm pierces the bottom of the cork, it can drop cork shreds into the bottle and ultimately, your wine.  While a few cork floaties won’t hurt you (or affect the wine), its not the most elegant way to enjoy it!


wine tee shirts and tank tops
Drink Local and Wine All the Time Tee’s by MN Uncorked, – $20 – for MEN and women!

Show your LOVE for local!

Minnesota Uncorked is a volunteer project — support us, and share your love for DRINKING LOCAL with a $20 tee or tank! We’re not going to be able to quit our day jobs by selling $20 t-shirts, but it will help us keep the internet running!

A little shameless plug never hurt, right?  

Shop Here.

Tote it along.

If you need to take your wine everywhere (and we don’t see why you shouldn’t)… Jackie at Millner Heritage Winery recommends Chris’s Stuff Insulated Wine Clutches, $19.95.  


In full disclosure, if you make a purchase from here on Amazon, your shopping through an affiliate code that might net us about .07cents on your purchase. We’re not in it for the paycheck, but our little space on the internet isn’t free, so every penny counts!


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