Finding Wine in the Beer-Dominated Sports Scene

By: Jenn Singer

Jenn Singer is a travel writer for, a Minnesota Travel blog that explores different Minnesota destinations. As a Minnesota native, her passion for exploring has led her to try all kinds of new things. As someone that takes 30+ Day Trips a year, she is always up for an adventure.


Sporting events are dominated by the beer industry: so much so that stadiums are being named after beers that sponsor them such as Coors Field in Denver, or Miller Park in Milwaukee. Icons like Wally the Beer Man  were made. But in doing so, they alienated a different demographic of customer: the wine drinker. That is changing, as one of the fastest growing industries: wine, is making its own presence at sporting events — you just need to know where to look.


Image credit: Jenn Singer

Menu from the US Bank Stadium Metropolitan ClubImage credit: Jenn Singer

Target Field

The Twins have been receptive to the adding wine into the mix: their Wine Women and Baseball event was such a success when it was first held in 2005 that they now hold it multiple times during the season. It first started in a tent outside of the Metrodome as a way to appeal to their large female fanbase.  Wine is available to fans all season long. You can get wine in most of the restaurant’s bars. Wine is also available at the Minnesota’s Brew’s Portables in section 126, 140 and 320. They sell a variety of California wines.


Image credit: Jenn Singer

Image credit: Jenn Singer

TCF Bank Stadium

While at the MN United FC Game I noticed that there were a few offerings in the concessions at the University of MN TCF Bank Stadium. They are labeled at the concessions as “white” or “red”. When I asked for more information on the types, I was just given both bottles to choose from. They have not been educated in the products they sell, but it didn’t stop me from enjoying. While it’s not MN wines, it is progress. I’m hoping that when the MN United FC move to their new stadium in St. Paul, they will continue offering wines — and maybe even consider local ones!


Image Credit: Carlos Creek Winery

Xcel Energy Center

The Xcel Energy Center has a variety of different wines both at their concessions and in their fine dining restaurants, including local wines from Chankaska and Carlos Creek.


US Bank Stadium

I reached out to the US Bank’s Minnesota Vikings stadium but I haven’t heard back on their offerings – if you know what they carry let us know in the comments below!


The new stadiums are beaming with local pride — they sell local beers, so why not more local wine?  We need to have the conversation that Minnesota Uncorked started about consumers requesting local products at the places we patronize. Find the manager and discuss the options (these “tabletalk cards” might help). If you own season tickets, email your representatives and put in a request.

For me, I love the opportunity to enjoy my favorite drink at a game. 

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